Thursday, September 28, 2023

021 Maker Space Bloggers Xmas Party


021 Maker Space Bloggers Xmas Party

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The bloggers day last week at 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator – Coworking Office Space. Is just like a Xmas party with this office space brand.

As I toured around the facility, I found out that the century old building. Was like the central wall st business of the Philippines back then.

And then I asked why 021 is the name? They told me that its from zero to hero start up. Now I understand what they mean. Its more of a fulfillment of dream like they do in Silicon Valley.

I mean like the Facebook, Google and Amazon on how they start from zero. If you think about of the technology nowadays the most profitable is not the old traditional buy and sell or brick and mortar type of business.

They are coming from tech and fintech industry. Now take a look at twitter, instagram and grab on how much they grow and became useful on demand to the world.

This is something I think off, when I sit down and roamed around the place. For as low as 500 peso a day or 5800 pesos a month. You can now enjoy this big office space with a cool healthy environment.

So you dont need to worry about the office aircon, executive chair, phone, security or secured wifi connection.

Everything you need in a certain office is here, So you can maximise your energy in building up and growing your company.

See the video of the office tour as well as the bloggers day fun activities. We will do some like talk show here later. See my next post!

So visit the 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator at the 8F of Cobankiat II Building in 231 Juan Luna St., Binondo Manila.