Friday, September 29, 2023

What's Happening

Catch Up with f1 Travel Trip this 2023

I was supposed to be a Mashall in the last AU, Mexican and US Grand Prix a couple of years ago. But who knows might be in the next race. Since I saw the...

Enjoy Exploring the World with Travel Insurance

Formula 1 weekends just finished yesterday in Singapore, I really missed those great events for the past years as a sport enthusiast.  I know that I need to save more money in the next...

2 Sides of the Story Meme Traffic Incident Lately there's a lot of bashing and memes about traffic incidents in the country. I've seen several part and also became part of those who shared anger and laughter out of those stupidity. Ask the...

Dealing with LTO Car and Motorcycle Renewals

I just had my motorcycle scooter emission testing done in Bacolod yesterday. Then have somebody do the registration renewal for me for 3k in total. LTO gives me a lot of headaches back then. From...

Online Bullying for Speaking Up My Mind

This to unmask my personal horrible and great inspiring experience, that you may have experience before as well. Back last year I was was bullied everyday before and after the National election after posting...

2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards Winners

MTV Movie & TV Awards recognized numerous shows and brightest stars who showcased outstanding talents this year.

Dolly De Leon Stuns Audience With Black Suit At Oscars 2023

Filipino actress Dolly de Leon proved that women can also wear suits as she slayed her black suit outfit during the Oscars 2023.

Pangasinan Town To Boost Tourism With Pandan Festival

The Pangasinan local government is set to highlight engaging activities to attract tourists to the province.