Sunday, June 16, 2024

Andrew Tate was Banned from Social Media

Andrew Tate was Banned from Social Media

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I started to listen to Andrew Tate these past couple of months on several issues and about men. And this guy really speaks about the truth about reality even though it is really harsh and brutally upfront.

Why women should not be driving or taking over the plane. While some of women can do, majority will still be not capable of because the reality that they dont take full responsibility when they crash or damage the car by themselves.

Also the issue about smart watch, that you cannot check your email using smart watch or you are just fooling yourself in checking your own heart rate. Just use your smartphone instead. Make me realized the hate of tech giants to this guy.

The issue of taking full responsibility men go out on coal mine or construction on a day to day basis to take full of shit just to provide something for women and family is just a fine reality. Like men move one at a time while women jumps from one to another like in the game of chess.

He was banned for speaking up the truth and making up his mind to help lots of men out there who is miserable, struggling and hiding themselves. I think if you wanna develop your personality and start getting your dreams you should listen to him. His videos in tiktok, facebook and instagram are everywhere shared by fans.

Although we was banned, a lot of people still shared his free content thoughts on business, style, courage and lots of personal point of views you cannot see in business books or learn from any school. I think social media should not banned or censored everyone from speaking up thier mind.