Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bangko Central ng Pilipinas Approves SAM

Bangko Central ng Pilipinas Approves SAM

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SAM continues its expansion in the Philippines. Having a legitimate financial business you need the approval of Security and Exchange as well as Banko Central ng Pilipinas.

Having said that even if, during this pandemic period. SAM still working out this papers to make things happen. I mean SAM ewallet is still creating a lot of strategies to make your money grow.

Next month 2021 they are including the OFW market beneficiaries in thier livelihood program. As a digital currency exchanger registered in Australia.

SAM founder Rommel Santos, wanted to widen the scope of business to his fellow Pinoy kababayan. As FinTech business and technology is booming in todays pandemic market.

His vibrant outlook of the economy for online business is expecting to grow 5x from 1.1$ billion in 2015 to $4.6b by 2025. SAM active subscribers from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, SE Asia, Middle East and Europe is already enjoying the monthly rewards.

With a minimum of 1000 pesos or $20 subscription. Subscribers can already see the system daily and monthly reward of up to 15%. SAM economy are expanding to delivery, remittance, ride, petroleum and more.