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BingoPlus supports golf to fulfill its mission of promoting Pinoy sports and other leisure activities

BingoPlus supports golf to fulfill its mission of promoting Pinoy sports and other leisure activities

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BingoPlus, the first and only live-streaming bingo in the Philippines, now supports golf tournaments to follow through on its commitment to promote Filipino sports entertainment and other favorite Pinoy recreational activities.

The brand has been an active sponsor of professional basketball conferences, sports teams, beauty pageants, musical performances, and performers as well as traditional Filipino cultural festivals like the Sinulog in Cebu and MassKara in Bacolod, BingoPlus has made golf its pet project this February.To foster more partnerships, BingoPlus is one of the Platinum sponsors of the 51st Golden Tee Invitational Tournament at Manila Golf and Country Club, which was held on February 9.

In addition, as a sign of commitment BingoPlus will be one of the Titanium Sponsors of the Third Zamora Cup Invitational Tournament at the Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club on February 23.

AB Leisure Exponent Inc. President Jasper Vicencio said BingoPlus is really trying its best to fulfill its mission of promoting the country’s different types of leisure activities because it wants to contribute to a society with a good work-life balance.

“The nature of our business is leisure and offering the Filipino ways to live a relaxed, well-balanced life gives us fulfillment in what we do. Golf is about the three C’s of camaraderie, connections, and charity.

It is a strategic game as well as a game of skill, accuracy, and concentration that imparts many values. We want to give back to the community by participating in this mental, high-level game that allows us to contribute to charitable causes.”

Vicencio added that BingoPlus is honored to be supporting the two prestigious golf tournaments because it will allow the brand to reach out to privileged groups and the sectors that they want to help out.

“Being part of these prestigious golf tournaments allows our brand to participate in the worthy causes that organizers contribute to. We look forward to further collaborating with them and fellow sponsors to promote the sport and align with their respective business inclinations as well.

We see leisure fulfilling a deeper mission for the country. As a leisure company we strongly believe that creating a society of relaxed, happy individuals will ultimately result in a productive citizenry, ” Vicencio concluded.