Friday, May 24, 2024

Book your Travel Bucket List Itinerary with GetYourGuide

Book your Travel Bucket List Itinerary with GetYourGuide

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If you would me ask me what is on my travel Itinerary list. It would be exploring the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey. I like to get close up with Senna, Hunt, and Mika team behind successful careers. I like to explore the home of the Champions.

I wanna see the strategy design behind my dream car from technology, carbon fiber, and engine behind. Well probably before buying my P1, I wanted to drive and own that P1 model so I could align myself with my favorite Hollywood counterparts like Beckham, Gordon Ramsay, Ralph Lauren, Elon, and Kanye.

So someday they could welcome me to the club. With those exclusive events and access to the top-secret hand-built machine paradise. So this motorsport pinnacle unprecedented access opportunity is just a little dry run of it with Getyourguide.                                                                  .
Another thing I like to do in Dubai is to fly a Gyrocopter and do Skydiving. As a James Bond fan, I like to visit Q Little Nellie in the movie You Only Live twice. This Autogyro will be a perfect fit to reenactment to eliminate that Blofed’s multiple-armed chopper in the sky.
The 20 minute ride to a 2 seater gyro flying 1500 above the ground would be a good side event after skydiving and f1 event in the middle east. If you are a football fan you may do the Chelsea Football Club Stadium and Museum Tour.                             .                                                                           .
This 1 hour guided tour includes a stadium and museum visit to one of the most valued football teams in the world. Also as an Alternative to McLaren Technology Centre visit you may also want to try the Silverstone Interactive Museum.