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Covid 19 count in the US as of June 13, 2021


Covid 19 count in the US as of June 13, 2021

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As of today June 13, 2021, I looked up in the internet site called worldometer with global corona virus count in the United States Coronavirus Case counted with 34,321,158 confirmed cases with a devastaing deaths of 615,053 with recovered patients of 28,400,132.

Although some mild cases we’re not reported and not tested at all due to some people immune system were strong. And might experience the virus in the country side, even in the City. You will never know with a normal day as if nothing happened.

I was a victim of severe covid case that’s why I spent the last week of my February and 1st week of March of this year in the Philippine hospital. Most of my family members in the US mainland suffer a mild Covid19 case. In my case it was between life and death. I thought I would never be alive again, thanks God for giving me this 2nd life.

My advice is that if you suffer symptoms of covid. Do not self quarantine, seek medical advice from a docror and go to the hospital or clinic as much as possible. You cannot cure yourself and in a minute you may die because of this deadly virus.

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