Sunday, June 16, 2024

Dampa Express 3x Order Increase this Pandemic

Dampa Express 3x Order Increase this Pandemic

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A lot of restaurant and businesses closed down its operation this pandemic. Including the biggest franchise in the country.

But not for Dampa Express which generates 3x more of its total order mostly on food delivery sales this Pandemic period.

See the video above, on how the owner told us about his Dampa story on several branches nationwide. Which actually turning 4 years with 30 branches in Batangas, Pangasinan, Cavite and Metro Manila.

They also shipped crab and fresh seafood supplies from Tuguegarao, Capiz, Zamboanga, Mindanao area and Pampanga. And told us about the 5000 kilos of crab they usually consumed for a week.

Usually OFW or people from abroad wanted to go to Dampa. When they returned home, The idea is to give it to the community the affordable as and easiest accessible way possible.

They actually have an order of 35000 bilao’s order from Pangasinan last month. And support local suppliers on its ingredients.

Dampa express is 90% Filipino owned business. They dont use powdered but salted egg on the food they cooked.

Because of the success of Dampa express they are also venturing the chicken and baby back ribs.

They are also opening additional 2 branches this month. During ECQ they also provide jobs to more than 100 riders.

I also took a video of the kitchen while they are cooking our seafood boodle. Its good to eat crabs and shrimp again using my both hands.

It is good for me, It is also good for you. You may visit thier branch near your place or order a delivery via food panda or grab food.