Sunday, June 16, 2024

Fifa World Cup 2022 Qatar Fever

Fifa World Cup 2022 Qatar Fever

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Me in Maracana Stadium seeing Messi Score Live and Feeling the Hype of CR7

Its been a while since I experience the noise of the previous world cup. It is quite the most significant sporting event on earth coz if you go by numbers. Football is the #1 sport.

There’s 32 teams competing in the world cup in Qatar. So the host country is automatically qualified then the 31 are being group together from Nov 20 to Dec 6.
The quarterfinals is on Dec 9-10, Semis Dec 13-14 and the 3rd place and finals were TBA by last 3rd or last week of December.             .
Based on my previous experience in Rio Fifa World Cup the most passionate for me are the people or fans from Argentina. You can see them singing and cheering everywhere outloud. I’m rooting for them the win the Copa in the middle east next month.                    .
This week you may see 4 fans who are bikers from Argentina paddle themselves all the way from Latin America soil to the great venue in the Middle east for 6mos just to experience the season. I wish I could be there again.
For now lets just play the fantasy selection. Just to mix different players with limited budget. But who knows? I might fly again next month to witness the finals.