Friday, May 24, 2024

Food Vlog Trending

Food Vlog Trending

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I used to cover several food events back then promoting several restaurants in exchange of food gc’s, free food or even cash. I was amazed by the vlog of Makagago accusing several bloggers earning 1.7 million peso in ads in a span of 8 days.

Without giving Diwata any form of compensation. This is just milking the cow or any form of parasitism. Some people invest on his fame by giving him Cash, Lechon or any form of Gift.

Joining the clout and trend are the famous politicians, youtubers and artist like Alex Gonzaga, Rosmar, Rendon Labador even the Famous TV show of Coco Martin. I’m not sure if they are really concern about Diwata or just being nice to him because his is useful and trending right now.

Some people may fall in line for hours just for a 100 peso of pares overload with unli soup and rice. Does it really worth of your time?

I went to Italian, Japanese and Chinese restaurant last weekends just eat and run for less than 30mins each. Tasting its finest cuisine and style. Without falling in line or catching any unwanted attention. Coz I value my time more than anything else.