Sunday, June 16, 2024

Fruit Photowall from Sweden Installation

Fruit Photowall from Sweden Installation

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After a week, the photowall order from Sweden were just arrived in the Philippines.  This is just a great art creation being shipped from Europe to Asia with Love.

What a wonderful fine creation, as you see on my mom’s video above. She looks so happy unboxing and installing the artwork on our dining room.

It makes us so delightful to dine, not only to honor my Grandma who started our family business. She actually sells fruit and vegetables in the Market.

Seeing this on our dining, makes me remember the sacrifice of our farmers. In order to put a good food in the table. It also excites us to see the great food pictures looks great on wall.

And the premium materials that were used by Photowall company. And the thousand miles it travelled just to reached our dining destination is truly remarkable.

As you may see the work in progress video, installation of photowall designs. Mixing of glue and then sticking it to the wall just like your paper drawing school artwork.

Before it was just like a project in school. But this time, this is for real design your own house.

So you need to make sure that you did something good. Else, no teacher will fail you in the real life art subject.

Anyways, this is so easy to install measure glue then paste task. My brother did assist my mom in doing this. Just a simple household do it yourself family business.

A special bonding with me writing this blog, my brother that does the video shoot/editing and my mother as a model.

So you may also order your Photowall designs + brush + install kit from Sweden visit the site and see the amazing art creations follow