Sunday, June 16, 2024

Go Well Studio Good for Mind and Body

Go Well Studio Good for Mind and Body

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This pandemic can really be draining because of a change in normal lifestyle. You need to deal with emotional stress which cannot be healthy. I mean your sleep and daily routine was totally messed up.

Plus a daily fear with corona virus variants. News, food, online games and a lot of unhealthy non movement habits was developed for a year because of this pandemic.

I could imagine that we are still not safe even when there is a vaccine already. Still on experimental stage and a lot of people already died. Sunlife did launched this program called go well via go well studio.

Last weeks webinar they showed some demonstration coming from different coaches that you can so a lot of wellness activities in the comfort of your home.

I now became more appreciate of stretching using limited space like they do in chair. With this viral video of PNP top officials doing the chair exercise made me feel funny. Sometimes received a lot of bullying critisism.

Now because of this chair demo, I became more appreciative of creative of semi exercise or stretching that had done in a simple chair. It really looks funny but in the end it is good for your health.

Go well studio got a lot of video content with various masterclass and short courses that can make our pandemic life always exciting at home. With lots of surprises and knowledge ideas when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

GoWell Studio is an ideal program than can help anybody battling this pandemic depression. Sound like of mind over body, the testimonial and program series here can really be usefull to anyone.