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Investing on your own Education

Investing on your own Education

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I finished my computer science degree back 2005, I thought that was the end of my schooling. From that time, it would be a professional game field when I got the corporate job. In addition, the benchmark or name of the game is the salary or position in any company.

Little that I know of, those who became successful in pursuing corporate or business success does involve learning every single day.  A couple of years later I wanted to study Masters or Pursue Law but it did not materialize. Because there is a lot of distraction like when I have the money, I travel and play sports a lot in my free time. Until that dream became just a wish. Who knows I might do it later.

In addition, 10 years ago I considered studying advanced programming because of the huge Tech bubble like developing software. Then the last time I visit Flying School on my early 30s, I said I was too old for that. When I saw many people studying there are older than I am, like on their late 40’s and 50s even 60s.

I asked them Am I too old to became a Pilot? They said no, one of them mentioned that before they do not have money to finance their study but right now after saving enough for school. They can already afford to pursue the Pilot school dreams. That give me a little hope since the release of the original top gun I saw 20 years ago and then this year 2023.

Seems like Maverick is reminding me to follow his path. It may not be in a form of a fighter jet but maybe in the form of Luxury plane or chopper. I might consider doing this schooling later. Even I was working in the outsourcing industry for the past 18 years. The learning cycle is every day, we even have to study a lot of videos, recordings, scripts and product script modifications from time to time.

Made me realize that if you wanted to dominate your industry. You must know really your craft really well than any person in the planet. Moreover, continuous education is a lifelong education commitment either you are selling yourself to a company or somebody every single day. Alternatively, growing your own business, you need to understand those different learning progress activities and programs. To improve your numbers and results.

Then constantly improve on those chosen fields. It is not that easy and most of the time it requires a lot of time, passion, and money as well. It also changes from time to time, year after year. Before I wanted to be a Programmer, then a Pilot, Lawyer, Business Owner or even the highest-paid CEO. Moreover, these positions require a lot of learning and work hours to invest with.

Going back in college 2 decades ago, I never thought that I would be back someday to be a student again. However, the reality is that we are all students of a game called life. In a world of uncertainties and wants, we can all pursue any form of degree or education with the help of student loans.

The last time I check the Pilot Schooling different schools in the Philippines and US is between 2-5 million pesos or between 40 000 to 100 000 US dollars. It depends on the school and aircraft to be used as a training ground. It is quite a little high, but if we work like other self-supporting Pilot students did before. It is achievable; it may be in the form of a scholarship or form of working student or even business or family support funds.