Friday, May 24, 2024

Is the Real Estate Leads Really Weak?

Is the Real Estate Leads Really Weak?

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To answer that question Is the Real Estate Leads Really Weak? Actually its not, Its the seller or the marketing company is really really weak. And how did I say that? This reminds me of the classic movie Glenn Garry Glen Ross. In an office full of Low performing NY real estate agents.

Alec Baldwin who is in Gun trouble right now, Is the guru or AIDA sales motivator here in the 90’s Pulitzer prize winning play. On a mission to help this dying company from being bankrupt and gave a hate inspirational speech on how he made a $980k last year.

The problem that every real estate agent, broker, finance, contractor and wholesaler industry right now is the closed deal. Some losses their job, business were closed and some shifted to other career. Lets admit it, It takes brass balls to sell real estate. Its not for everybody, I remember I was in a phone last month.

The broker told me she just closed more than 7 dollar million commercial deal last month. When I asked her how many deal did you close last month? I think that she was really shy of telling me that she made only one deal. Then she detailed my how that 7m dollar deal happened.

I believe that every sales professional always wanted to do better today. Than what they did yesterday. 2-4 deal a month is for regular average performer and 5 and up is for top performer elite competitive professional real estate closed deal.

Just like in the 90’s speech like that will work. But there’s a better way to do it in todays techy world. Like the application of Artificial Intelligence, Blogs, SEO, Google Ads, Lead Generation, Telesales, Appt Setting, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads strategy that we are the expert at.

Below is a multi ad set campaign run on Facebook. We figured out the ad that was creating the highest quality lead and discontinued all of the others. We kept the best one and secured 173 leads for $17.41 per lead.

Our client closed 9 deals from these 173 leads during the month of September with more deals likely to come in the following weeks. Client revenue produced from this campaign will exceed $100k. Call me on skype jayson.biadog or email me at if you wanna increase your close deal or revenue next month anywhere in the world.