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London Luxury Gastronomic Tour

London Luxury Gastronomic Tour

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If you like to explore Luxury in London by means of food travel. You may join Luisa Ruocco guided food tour in Central London. This coming June 1-5 2013 which cost 2,399 based on 2 sharing room. Or $2999 if you want solo in your own room.

London Luxury food travel can be quite intimidating. but with the guide and help of TV Chef and Influencer Luisa. You can learn food and tea etiquette lessons. Plus enjoy the 3-course meal at a Michelin star restaurant.

Also, dive into the Borough food market as part of the tour. Then luxury evening meal, entertainment, and wine flight. You can include this to your gastro travel bucket list itinerary wherever you are. see the pictures and video clips for more info.

You may also use JAYSON in the code checkout to avail 5% less. New Singles Checkout Link (for promo code) New Doubles Checkout Link (for promo code) see the sample checkout below for 2 or couples travelers with a discount of -$239.95.