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Lots of Screaming for Brits, It’s going Dutch this 2021

Lots of Screaming for Brits, It’s going Dutch this 2021

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Congrats Max, well done Lewis 🏎️🏁🏆

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This 2021 f1 night race season finale made me sleepless the whole night. It was lots of excitement, screaming, and sweet. Pre-race, I was rooting for Lewis that it was a set up by the FIA for him not to win.

A lot of doubt was coming out of my mind that Sergio will do a Kamikazee to follow orders from f1 supremo. Or team orders will be biased to secure Max’s no1 spot. Nor another crash will happen on the final lap with another team. So it will be easier to manipulate the final race. Nor Sergio will slow down Lewis, which actually happened.

Sergio, did slow down Lewis – Good Strategy Team Red bull

So I said through social media – Goodluck Lewis, Max and Sergio please give a fair square gentlemen race. Do not bump on him, no penalty and crash please, just clean race. And the final lights out and here we go in 2021 season finale.

Until this morning, I finally realized it was just a race. When you are a race leader no matter what is the situation. You need to defend every inch of your spot. Because in a matter of milliseconds you can be beaten anytime.

I understand where Toto’s anger came from. Also Max’s father’s support and fan’s disappointment. Yes, it is hard to accept a white sport being dominated by a black guy. Like in rap, black people sometimes cannot accept being over-shined by a white rapper named slim shady.

And it is normal in a highly competitive championship. So see you next race! Lots of Screaming for Brits, It’s going Dutch this 2021. Congrats Max but also great job Lewis! As the main event fan and sport bandwagoner. I guess I should wear my old team Jersey once again!