Sunday, June 16, 2024

NBA Players Shoe Deals

NBA Players Shoe Deals

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I’ve collected several NBA shoes like Lebron, Harden & Kyrie Irving. I am the version of wearing those shoes to feel Lebron’s Longintivity, KI crossover with Kobe and Jordan winning mindset. Well, it is only a fantasy feeling but it sells to the public.

KD recently agreed with a lifetime contract with Nike, the same as what Michael Jordan and Lebron James did before. All I can say is Nike is quite afraid that Converse, Adidas, or AU would sign another 10 versions of Jordan or Lebron.

The Billion dollar shoe revenue it starts with the player. If Shaq would have played long enough he would sell that Shaq mass cheap shoe brand up to now. What if Iverson got 6 MVP titles? Converse might dominate the shoe market for now. Even Puma may also invest in Players who are about to be drafted.

Now if Adidas would sign additional 10 more players with the same value as Harden, Trae and Lillard I’m quite sure they will overtake Nike sales on basketball shoes. These shoe brands are capitalizing on the popularity of players.

Same with Converse and UA if Curry or Iverson can be at par Jordan or find Avengers to join them the game will be different. We all know that Nike came from a local Japanese brand. Quality is quite the same but it can be a 2-20x more expensive if it’s endorsed by an NBA superstar or current MVP.