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Negros Island Business Resources

Negros Island Business Resources

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The world’s best ever tasting mango usually came from Guimaras, Island. For coffee it is Brazil and for Lychee or Rambotan and Lanzones is usually from Conception, Talisay City Negros Occ.

Been to those places, but you can really sense the difference. Maybe the soil and climate affect the taste of those produce. Some looks may fool you, but you can tell exactly the sweetness, texture when you take a bite if its authentic or coming from different other places.

When it comes to Pineapple and Bananas, Bukidnon and Mindanao is the no 1 producer even export 1st class quality. Last week when we travelled around Tunangan River,  Talisay City.

I found out that the City the best resources and produce that can be in export quality. Like the Lanzones, Coconut and Rambotan. Soil condition and proper gardening is very important. Our golden papaya before is really unique and big.But yesterday, the big variety of Papaya I planted couple of mos ago. Produce very small fruit because I didn’t weed it out. It was all covered with weed with no sunlight in our vacant residential lot.

Because of my busy schedule, I haven’t visit it for quite sometime. Although I know that pruning and farming techniques should be applied to get a big bounty harvest.

Like what we did in our last plant press tour visit in Monsanto company lab, who is responsible of maximizing harvest  yield that may result of up to 10x more harvest via GMO than the regular farming traditional method.

We’ve been selling fruits in the market like Santol which can be harvested every year, banana and jackfruit every season and then coconut which is harvested every month right just within our house mini orchard backyard. Sadly some of them died.

If you happen to go to Negros, I’ve noticed that those who got the finest Mansions, Fancy Cars and Luxurious travel lifestyle around the world were the planters and sugarcane farm owners. Not the Doctors or Engineers or any professional. Im quite bothered and mentally challenged.

Of what I am Studying, fighting, and working hard for every single day, if I can’t enjoy the finest things on earth. Now I was thinking to lease a small land and do small farming. It might be too late or quite difficult. What do you think?

Now if you have something like small Farm valued less than 1m in Negros or Anywhere in the country. I’m open for collab, I can probably do invest like 5-30% let me know. We can grow farmville and grow it together. Not all farming are successful coz it is very difficult to find a reliable and honest partner.

You will experience horrible stories everywhere from friends, family members and business partner screwing up each other. Now If you are honest and you have something to offer. Hit me up I will give you a fair profit sharing.