Friday, March 1, 2024

SAM new office in BGC and MAP Business Presentation


SAM new office in BGC and MAP Business Presentation

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I’ve been blogging about Smart Asset Manager since last year. To be fair with my other Crypto and Stock Market clients from different countries. I said to myself that I will not engage in trading.

Not until today, I was able to invest myself with SAM. I mean this is the new trend and you learn while having the full control to withdraw my money investment anytime I want.

For as low as 1k pesos you already have the piece of cake of this combined crypto, stock market and ewallet like business capital investment. You can withdraw and deposit via gcash or any online banking transfer.

So instead of my readers can enjoy the profit of what Im blogging and promoting about. I was the one who’s able to experience it first hand.

Erick Alvaro did the actual presentation in Leymans tagalog term in the new SAM office in BGC. On company profile with SEC and BSP. As well as SAM ventures in the Oil, Import, Export, Tuna, Medical, Technology and Finance business.

Also my Fellow blogger already laid its eggs here like John and Ross. Thier family invest and believe in this technology. So use my referral code above for you to earn the 10% extra profit. So download the app now via

SAM is a reporting agency to SEC and to The Central Bank of The Philippines. SAM Digital Technologies (SAMDT) is a company fully registered under the Philippines Securities And Exchange Commission Corporation (SEC) and Certified by the Central Bank of the Philippines (Central Bank of the Philippines @ BSP).

SAM Digital Technologies is also registered with ASIC (Australia Securities and Investments Commission), and is also registered under AUSTRAC (a government agency that regulates financial-related systems and enforcement in Australia).


Has passed and passed screening, control and verification under the enforcement of AML (Anti Money Laundering) and has also followed and received confirmation from the CFT (Counter Terrorism Financing) program.

The sudden influx of people coming to SAM is simply because of the licenses obtained and more importantly the opportunities offered in both spaces i.e digital and conventional economies.


As part of SAM technological advancement and in complying with the local authorities, SAMKOIN is just about to provide a medium of exchange in SAM e-Wallet for auditing purposes running on-chain in SAM Blockchain using the Proof of Authority protocol. The first in South East Asia using the POA protocol collaborating with QGT Blockchain expertise from India.

The Members and Merchants Acceleration Program which run concurrently is an economic tools for the existing Phase1 subscribers and after SAM private presale of SAMKOIN it shall be open to the public.

With SAM economic developments, complimenting ecosystem and with carefully identifying the potential and profitable conventional businesses, the possibilities of attracting Venture Capitalist is favourable.