Friday, March 1, 2024

Superbowl LV Observation


Superbowl LV Observation

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Do I need to follow @tombrady diet of 12-25 glasses of water and fruit nuts smoothies everyday? At 43, still going strong with 7 victories greater than any franchise.

Who surpassed MJ, Lebron and Kobe championship record. I mean that QB performance was truly accurate. For Football is the #1 sport in the US.

Basketball is only #3 to them, Second is baseball but for Filipinos Basketball is the number 1 sport in the country. Some says that the Refs were in favor of Bucs in social media.

But its is very clear that the Chiefs really lost. Thier defence was not that tough compare to Bucs. Mahomes was always cornered by the Bucs and Tom threw a lot of very accurate that leads into a quick touchdown.

I hope to watch this live on stadium sometime, like I did with worldcup, basketball, motogp and f1 to several countries before.

I was not happy with the halftime entertainment but when I do the research I found out that the artist is gifted. They are actually promoting health or safe driving with that performance.

Although the past concerts is more of sexy and pop showdown things. I think this one is really important, more of health and public safety issue. Sorry Ariana!

Im really amazed with the performance of Tom and Rob. And quite impressed with the sacrificed of Tom, Mahomes and Rob when it comes to diet, sacrifice and training.

Truely boring for normal people but exceptional for being into the finals as well as hall of fame! Imagine Toms diet is like a Kid, Rob childhood house was like different than normal and Mahomes training regiment was exceptional.