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US Election is a Global Interest

US Election is a Global Interest

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Posted by Jayson R. Biadog on Friday, October 2, 2020

The next month US Presidential election is a global interest. Because, It dictates policy and have the capability to Police the world. I noticed that whoever is closed to the US President controls the economy.

As far as Philippines is concerned, I’m not sure if Trump or Biden will help us if China screwed us with our territorial dispute. US mainland people should understand how this politicians lure them, but in effect it affects the entire world.

With its military strength positioned to 7 continents, they have also the capability to make a call for war or dictate peace. They also affect how much we can travel or do business in the US mainland. Where the central business economy occurs.

But will all this news and memes popping out in social media, all I can say is that Kanye West is the biggest joke is the US Presidential History. Same with his wife Kim Kardashian who is formerly annulled with the former NBA Superstar.

Common men, I like the way you Rap. But since you can’t tell all like Mary does, who’s gonna benefited with this flop. Im sure that the Black Lives matter whos majority is in favor of Biden will hunt you down.

If Yahoo, Bloomberg, CNN, BWorld and Trump fanpage can’t tell all of this news the accurate way of reporting. For sure their would be a blog like this, who can read between the lines. And express exactly what they were doing for.

That how much loan and foreign aids can leverage the winning odds of these Politicians. For sure, you will both vote for the one that can benefit your family and friends. But think about of the people like us. So good luck!

Ganito kayo Manligaw ng Boto. Bait baitan at pa hero hero.

Posted by Jayson R. Biadog on Thursday, October 1, 2020