Friday, March 1, 2024

Why Ryan Garcia Lost


Why Ryan Garcia Lost

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Ryan Garcia lost to Gervonta Tank Davis because of the wrong strategy. The dude was muscular and fast, also an undefeated Champ. Why did he lost?  Because of the Bum distractions and Wrong People he hang out with. Imagine he boxing took before and after advice from Conor Mcgregor before the fight. Boxing is a serious business he should avoid hanging out and taking advice from Conor.

If it’s MMA Conor would be a big score. But its not, this is not showbiz, acting, or popularity contest. Floyd was Right most of Ryans fans are YouTubers or entertainment fighters. But not real boxing fans. Who seems to be a nonboxing pro. Also, Oscar Dela Hoya which is beaten badly by Manny and Floyd before.

And look where Gervonta Hang out with? Floyd and Manny. Both are real Champs. So likes attract likes. Real boxing champ attracts real boxing champs. It is not too late for Ryan like how Canelo redeemed himself as the current no1 pound for pound fighter.  Focus on the real score which is boxing and not entertainment Hollywood circus.