Monday, April 15, 2024

Youtuber Artist Vs Talent Financer Issue

Youtuber Artist Vs Talent Financer Issue

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If was busy covering Masskara event festival yesterday for Restaurant and street dance competition via when suddenly my social media feed was full of Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake youtuber issue.

I became curious or what is happening then I watch several video clips, social media comments, articles and screenshot of both sides including the assessment of Makagago Wazzup Men and Xian Gaza.

Both are actually was actually a good friend and worst enemy later. 1 with a pure talent who earns million of social media subscriber and other business person who earn million of subscriber as well by paying several artist to do collab with him.

This is not something new to me between artist to social media issue. Other bigger traditional media and popular social media influencer, vloger called us trash as well. For them to gain sponsorship but by the end of the day it is the sponsor or the pr and brand who decides.

But still the damages was already made, Just like Politics you can be friend now but tomorrow you can be enemy as well. That is the business applied in social media and influencer marketing.

I understand the pressure that WT as an investor who spent millions of investment to different artist with no guaranteed of return. Also with ZH who is trying to put down all small artist and players by calling them trash.

So that all the sponsors and followers will go directly to them. They are making a great circus here with Makagago and Xian Gaza backing up ZH. But you also need to be fair with Wilbert who is just stating the facts.

About these greedy youtubers and how they stabbed each other at the back and pampered each other in front of camera. All again about the views, money and fame. But we bloggers are still here, true our mission who is willing to help promote brands with or without a millions likes or views.