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2 Sides of the Story Meme Traffic Incident


2 Sides of the Story Meme Traffic Incident


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Mga tol anong frat nyo? Pasali naman o, I’d like to beat up Tryke driver, karaoke singer, fastfood crew at cyclist. Also pag ngkaroon ako ng trouble legal at traffic kau masasandalan ko damay damay na to.

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Lately there’s a lot of bashing and memes about traffic incidents in the country. I’ve seen several part and also became part of those who shared anger and laughter out of those stupidity.

Ask the person why he need to draw a sword? Because of the Karaoke noise, which is justifiable but also punishable by law. Ask the Ex policeman why he needs to draw a gun?

Because his car was punch and hit at the back by a cyclist. The consequences is for real like losing his job in the supreme court and bashing him including his family plus a potential jail and lifetime shame.

Everybody has a reason, but if you can’t control your anger it may lead into a lifetime disaster. Although the reason was valid like nakakalalake na sa sobrang ingay ng karaoke kaya lumabas ung tao na may dalang espada. Or ako binanga nya sa likod sya pa ung may gana manuntok ng sasakyan.

Drawing a gun and a sword even mentioning your company or fraternal organization may cause you a severe damage. D ba porket dikit ka kay ganito or meyembro ka ng ganyang frat kaya mu ng bangain ang maliliit na tao?

Or minsan its Jempoy or kamote fault na rin n sya na nga ang nakabangga sya pa ung maangas tapos ng dirty finger pa. Yari ka toloy. This made me think of it is a right to bring a gun when driving a motorcycle or vehicle.

May it be for self defense or ego. We don’t know but I think we may also need to do a lot of mental conditioning and fountain of patience before we use the road. May it be in a form of shouting, heated argument or weapon threat.