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Chinese National Becomes Viral After Helping A Filipino Driver With Tourette Syndrome


Chinese National Becomes Viral After Helping A Filipino Driver With Tourette Syndrome


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Netizens got inspired by the kind act done by a Chinese national by giving money to a Filipino driver who was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

On September 5, a Filipino driver and content creator, Marlon Fuentes, known as Marlon Tourette, shared on his Facebook account a video of him after having a short but touching conversation with a Chinese national.

In the said video, it was captured how his Chinese customer showed kindness to him, noting that the Chinese national started a conversation with him regarding his condition.

The video touched the hearts of many after the Chinese national praised Marlon for giving coins or small amounts of money to people who were roaming around the streets while they were going to their destination.

To express how proud he was of Marlon, the Chinese national used his cellphone to translate his statement into Tagalog so that the driver would understand what he meant.

“Ikaw mismo ay may kapansanan [pero] mas marami kang natutulungan,” the Chinese customer said through Google Translate.

During their car ride, the Chinese national and Marlon had small talks about their lives, including how Marlon started his job as a driver and how he overcame the challenges of everyday living with his condition.

According to Marlon, he got to experience his Tourette syndrome right before he started to venture into being a driver. He also shared that he needed to do such a job despite his condition to sustain the needs of his family, especially since he has little children.

Marlon thought that their trip would only end with such conversations, but he was shocked when the Chinese national gave him a Php1,000 tip for the service that he provided.

At first, Marlon did not accept the cash from him, noting that he had already paid in advance for his car ride; hence, the Chinese national genuinely forced the driver to take the money as a way for him to show how he appreciated Marlon’s dedication to doing decent work for this family.

“Hindi pa siya nakakrating sa kanyang pupuntahan, pero nagbigay na siya agad ng tip. Sobrang nakakatuwa,” Marlon said.

Marlon and the Chinese national even exchanged social media accounts to have a connection with each other from time to time, and the Chinese national even posted him on this social media, showing how Marlon showed kindness despite his current condition.

“I have met the hardest-working and kindest person. He was disabled and often a vagrant. God bless you,” Marlon read in the caption written by the Chinese national.

The Filipino driver then expressed his gratitude to his customer, saying how lucky and blessed he was to have such a kind-hearted person give him such a big tip. He also wished for the Chinese national to have more blessings in his life with his good deeds.

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