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From Nurse to Entrepreneur: Trust and Confidence is the Secret to Success

From Nurse to Entrepreneur: Trust and Confidence is the Secret to Success

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Photo: (Left to right) Beauty Gonzalez, Actress, Mr. Leo Ortiz, Entrepreneur, Tony Labrusca, Actor, Viy Cortez, Vlogger

Leo Ortiz, a registered nurse graduated Cum Laude, became a successful entrepreneur distributing FDA approved products such as slimming coffee, health juice, milk tea, chocolate drinks, skin rejuvenating set and a lot more in the pipeline.

According to Leo, shifting career is not easy since in all his life, he thought that nursing was his path to success.

His decision to be an entrepreneur is not easy either, specially if you are coming from a medical field, the training and mind setting is just so different.

As entrepreneurs handle all parts of the business, while a medical field are more on specialization.

When Leo finished all his medical trainings, the hospital did not absorbed him so he ventured into Multi Level Marketing to make ends meet and to survive.

Simultaneously, he would tirelessly sell multiple products for multiple markets to make sure that he can also help his family.

As time goes by, profits from those businesses didn’t flourished, he made an observation that Filipinos likes to be healthy, wants fair and clear skin.

He then decided to venture into health and beauty products even with high risk since many are already doing it.

Fast forward to 3 years, Leo is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an inspiration to many who fought the real battle away from unemployment and now a boss of his own company.

His brands; Glutalipo and Beauty Vault are the talk of the town now with more than 500 thousands combined followers on Facebook.

An influencer himself now with thousands of viewers every time he does a personal live video on Facebook, Leo now is focused on giving back to the community with lots of projects for those who are in need especially in this time of pandemic.

According to him, “We can’t have this success without the trust to our products, since we abide in all government permits that’s required by the law, we are making sure that our products are FDA Approved.

So that our distributors and resellers are confident and because of this trust, we’re successful and we like to share the blessings not just for our distributors and resellers but also to those who are in need the most, frontliners and indigents.”

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