Saturday, July 13, 2024

Life is Too Long and Too Short to Enjoy

Life is Too Long and Too Short to Enjoy

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TMZ Headline regarding the Hollywood Star Death
TMZ Headline regarding the Hollywood Star Death

Couple of years ago, I visited Banawe Rice terraces along the way we saw indigenous people who are happy some other them are more 100+ years old and still strong walking barefoot with bows and arrows used for hunting.

It made me realized that life is so short and too long. Some people in the City were so sick even at a very young age of 30s taking maintenance drugs and then died by 60s or 70s.

If you feel lonely or somewhat loss try to visit or imagine these places and situations. And thank our creator of how lucky we are.

Rehab – You will still feel lucky that you were never addicted into something. Or never abused your body with alcohol, drugs or gambling.

Mental Hospital – Mental health and torture is for real. Or mentally challenged person roaming around the streets in dirty outfit.

War conflict areas – Somebody is fighting for thier life but in the end, nobody win only lost or left.

Hospital – Somebody is always fighting for thier health to survive every minute.

Jail – That it is good to be free as, air like our creator given to us

Courtroom – Lots of angry and smart people trying to fight each other from thier rights. Even in social media like Tulfo.

You cannot have it all even the famous and rich celebrities are fighting the inner demons inside each life.

RIP Nick Aaron Carter. So if life is too short why dont let me love you girl before we ran out of time? Charot😆 Life is Too Long and Too Short to Enjoy it ourselves so love yourself first!