Monday, May 29, 2023

My MyTown Co-living Experience in Auckland – Makati


My MyTown Co-living Experience in Auckland – Makati

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The reason why I stayed in Auckland in Harvard St., Brgy Pinagkaisahan, Makati City. Is because of this essay contest winning entry below. I already completed my 1 month stay yesterday.
But I need to extend 1 month more. We all have different unique story to tell like the usual MyTown folks from different locations like Mytown London, Tokyo, Kyoto, Capetown, Singapore, Hongkong, Athens, Seoul, Paris, Sydney, Rio, Istanbul and Auckland.
One thing I’ve noticed is that they are active in social media on traffic info, social gatherings, workshops, diet tips, gym tips and current events. Like International travel trip raffle, IG/FB blog contest and gigs like constant Hollywood movies viewing and on demand pay per view boxing. You will never get bored with so many life after work interesting activities.
I like the surroundings view of My Town Auckland Place. From basketball court, golf country club, hot sports car Landrover-Maserati-Jaguar-Ferrari service center. A cool roof-deck view of the Metro Jungle and NYC location pool to relax my eyes after gym, breakfast or dinner.

Essay Winning Entry:

“My dream is to travel and do business around the whole world. I think Mytown will help me reach the ambition because, It is like a training hub for professionals. In which I can network with different individuals. To achieve the work – life  – balance as I sell myself daily to the competitive world.
I like blog and sporting events located at the center of the Metro. This will be like my headquarter after my corporate job hours. And hobby stopover as I travel the world or go back to my home province which is Negros and several siblings in Bicol and Cavite regions.
I saw a lot of amenities like pool, fitness, social parties, movies and events so I think it will always be an exciting day. As I work harder and party even harder. With more than 12 property dormitories and just couple of minutes away from BGC and Makati CBD.
I think It will be a perfect venue to enjoy and stay with. With a fully furnish home and office type haven. I think this will be a good breeding ground of a modern achiever.  Where you can spend with someone in single room or a group of 2, 4 or 6 people dorm type. Also a good incentive for start up of established company that value the growth of its assets.
Mytown smart designed economic with in the heart of the Metro. That will create a maximum pleasant and welcoming economic dormitory experience with an eco friendly environment friendly twist. Its built in private bathroom, wifi ready, bedding’s, services shared pantry made me think of easy life after work.  I can even do product vlog review demo here.
Although I am already living and working in the busiest Metro for more than a decade. I wanted to try something different in the next 6 mos. That will truly live a footprint of how challenging and amazing life can be.
I’ve stayed to more than 100 hotels and dormitories around the world. From a 7 star week stay in Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace to a dorm type in Rio last world cup. And several luxurious and economical hostels and serviced residence in Asia.
The experience is beyond comparable. And it doesn’t matter is it cost 5 dollar or 5 thousand dollar a day. One thing you will never forget is that story and that you can tell as you grow old.
How cool those people are, how wonderful those athletes were, how crazy those bloggers are, how competitive and creative are those contestants, how passionate are those start up peeps and most of all how different are those people coming from different culture. With different talents and likes to discover. From the way they talk and do business with.
And it doesn’t matter how simple or educated, how deep or empty are those pockets. After all we are human, we need each other. We need each other to share our passion, bitterness, struggles, luck, fear, excitement, misfortune and success with.
To feel that we are alive and constantly moving, most especially doing the things that we love most on a daily basis. I will serve as a model and inspiration to the community by raising the bar of being excellent on whatever we do.”
Try any of My Town Co living and experience the difference. Much more practical, eco friendly and cost effective than a condo unit or apartments in the Metro.

For as low as 4k pesos for 6 sharing room, 4 sharing, twin or 16k single private room type for more info and promos visit IG, web and fb fanpage