Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Pekeng Gangster Vs Pekeng Joker

Pekeng Gangster Vs Pekeng Joker

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I think the Blood Bath 2 will happen again between Pricetagg at Makagago Wazzup Man. I’m a fan of both Artist, the reason why I put Pekeng Gangster Vs Pekeng Joker is because Im a fan of Fliptop hiphop culture.

Everybody wanted to laugh and this is all about entertainment. Sometime goes too personal that will lead to boxing or brawl fight. Even suing each other on legal court or even settled in a sucker punch.

We knew the Nature of Pricetagg he is a cool hit OPM singer of Pahina and Kontrabida the songs that I like. With an OG image that is happening in the real world.

Almost all hiphop artist borrow hot cars, rented mansion, collab with models or even jewelry for promotion. We all knew that even Ememen, Snopp and Floyd does that.

But MG a bully by nature himself expose it like a real big issue. For the views, ads and buzz. This is his Character like what he did to QC Mayor. After he knew that he only have a platoon of bouncer BG and this Mayor is so powerfull with a Brigade of Police and Authority Power.

He said sorry, same with the Talent Manager who is actually rich that can hire several lawyers to sue him. He diss and collab same with Leng and other famous artist. Fight and apologize for popularity, business and ads.

Hope both party will continue to entertain us. As we see, this stir a tremendous amount of anger and laughter. So you know this is like WWE pure entertainment. And non stop comedy action music reality show.