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Proud Son Embraces Mother’s Street Sweeper Job, Defying Society’s Judgment


Proud Son Embraces Mother’s Street Sweeper Job, Defying Society’s Judgment


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Showing how he is not ashamed of her mother’s job, a young adult from Bacolod proudly shared a video of her street sweeper mother, saying that her efforts and sacrifices will still be valuable for them as her job will not define her overall personality.

On March 16, Andry Valiao posted a video on his Facebook account as he accompanied his mother in cleaning the street in their barangay. In the said post, he shared his experiences of how people, including his previous partner, belittled his mother’s job, noting that she is a street sweeper.

“I changed the post’s privacy setting to ‘only me’ after knowing that someone embarrassed me by my mama’s work as a street cleaner and that I should delete my post so that no one can see our way of life or my mom’s work as a result of her carrying an “image” in her place,” Valiao shared.

Hence, evaluating these judgments from other people, Valiao came to the realization that he should not degrade her mother’s occupation just because society said so.

With this, he made the video available to the public to let other people know that he is proud of what his mother does for a living as she serves society with dignity.

Along with his sentiments, he expressed his sincere apology to his mother for being blind to love, as he mentioned how his past partner belittled his mother’s job, resulting in him hiding and denying her occupation to other people.

“I’m very sorry, mama. I should have taken action as soon as I became aware of the issue at hand, but I was blinded by love, and I didn’t know how fortunate I was to have you as my mother. Don’t let anyone, not even the important person in your life, make fun of everything your mother sacrificed to support you,” he said.

With this, Valiao penned a short but sweet message for his mother, highlighting her sacrifices for them and pursuing a decent job for them to have a decent life.

“To my mom, thank you for all the sacrifices. Always remember that I will strive hard to repay all those sacrifices no matter what. Thank you to my mother for all of the sacrifices. Never forget that I will work extremely hard to make up for all of those sacrifices. I’m very proud and grateful for all of your sacrifices, and no one can belittle and bring you down, even my own priorities recently in life. We both understand that we can’t afford to pay for my education expenditures, so I am aware of the great sacrifices you have made to support me. However, you continue to find a way to support me while I face challenges in my life,” he said.

Valiao also added that his post may serve as an awareness for the audience to value their parents’ sacrifices for them and not be ashamed of whatever occupation they have as long as it is decent. He also disclosed that society will always have a comment on a person’s life, but what is important is that you know the real story behind each sacrifice.

This act of Valiao became an inspiration for the audience and was also mentioned by Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez in his recently held press conference. “Let us not be misguided because these jobs are very important jobs that make our society move,” Mayor Benitez said.

As of this writing, Valiao’s Facebook post is still shared on the online platform, gaining positive comments from netizens saying how he became a role model for the current generation by loving their parents.

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