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Quezon City LGBTQIA+ couples now “preposing” to each other with Right to Care Cards and we’re living for it

Quezon City LGBTQIA+ couples now “preposing” to each other with Right to Care Cards and we’re living for it

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Manila, Philippines – While any couple can declare their commitment for each other with traditional rings, this doesn’t have any bearing for members of the LGBTQIA+ community since marriage equality in the Philippines has yet to be legalized.

However, a handful of same-sex couples residing in Quezon City are turning the tide and are actually doing the next best thing—”preposing” to their partners with a Right to Care Card!
Mirroring usual prenup videos, each couple has published videos on their social media showing how they preposed to their partners with a Right to Care Card, which legally allows LGBTQIA+

partners to make decisions on behalf of their partners should they be hospitalized or be in need of medical treatments, a right that is only previously reserved for heterosexual married couples, if not next of kin.

Rea Leen shared the preposal video of her long-term partner via Facebook post, thanking Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte for giving them an opportunity like this. “For [those] outside Quezon City, I hope your city will have this too soon, and maybe in entire Philippines. Let’s spread love and enjoy!”, she shares.

Watch Rea’s Preposal here:
Winch, who also shared their preposal to their partner, Anne, also expressed similar sentiments while thanking the Quezon City government for this initiative.

“Isa itong malaking step para sa lahat ng LGBT couples na magkaroon ng karapatang legal na maalagaan ang aming mga partners,” they said through the caption posted.
Watch Winch’s Preposal here:

Both couples also attended the fourth iteration of Quezon City’s commitment ceremony, with over 200 LGBTQIA+ couples participating. Mayor Joy Belmonte reiterated during the ceremony that this is a way to fulfill the city’s promises since it passed the Gender-Fair Ordinance a decade ago.

During the ceremony, 15 couples were the first ones to officially receive their Right to Care Cards since registering last year. Quezon City’s Gender and Development Office shares more will be distributed soon, but those who have not yet received their card may show their copy of the Special Power of Attorney contracts at hospitals.
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Since its launch during Pride month in 2023, Quezon City made waves as the first city in Asia to launch such an initiative. As of February 2024, over 700 LGBTQIA+ couples have signed up for the Right to Care Card, which can be registered via the Quezon City Gender and Development Council office or through

More proposal videos:


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