Monday, May 29, 2023

Registering my Globe, Smart and TM Sim 2023


Registering my Globe, Smart and TM Sim 2023

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I just registered my 3 sim cards today. I spent 10 minutes each. 1st is they will ask for otp code sent to your mobile no. then you need filled up the form.

Then you need to submit 1 government issued id and then take selfie, last is you are good to go when you receive a confirmation no.

I used my extra phone and extra sim so driving navigation via google map or waze. There are some areas that globe mobile data signal was not that good, so I used my 2 alternate mobile sim cards using extra phone.

Maintenaning 3 sim cards is kinda expensive as well, because you need to load it all the time. You need different smart phone devices that has a load on it all the time.

Although I used the other phone for business and personals. It is also a must because it serves as my laptop or desktop anytime like the way I wrote this blog right now.

So Reg your SIM now till June 27, 2023 as per Government mandate for everybody’s security and protection.

For Dito Sim
For Globe/TM subscribers:
For Smart/TNT/Sun subscribers: