Friday, July 19, 2024

Senior Citizen Joins Miss Universe Philippines-Quezon City Pageant


Senior Citizen Joins Miss Universe Philippines-Quezon City Pageant


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In a groundbreaking move towards inclusivity, the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines-Quezon City (MUPHQC) is set to feature a 69-year-old fashion designer, Jocelyn Cubales, as one of its esteemed candidates. Breaking barriers, Jocelyn will grace the runway, vying for the title that will propel her to represent the Philippines in the prestigious Miss Universe competition.

Introduced officially by MUPHQC, Jocelyn Cubales embodies resilience and wisdom, aiming to impart life experiences and grit to the younger generation. The beauty pageant, scheduled for January 31, 2024, promises a celebration of diversity and empowerment.

MUPHQC shared the inspiring announcement on their Facebook page, stating, “Meet Jocelyn Cubales. At 69 years old, she believes that the younger generation can learn a lot from her life experiences, most especially grit. See her give light to the universe!”

This historic move follows the Miss Universe organization’s decision in September 2023 to eliminate age restrictions, marking a significant shift from its more than 70-year tradition. The organization had previously limited candidates to women aged between 18 to 28. Jocelyn Cubales, now the first and only senior citizen beauty queen in any of the Miss Universe Philippines’ local pageants, embodies the spirit of breaking stereotypes.

The Miss Universe 2023 event gained widespread acclaim for promoting inclusivity by welcoming transgender candidates, those with children, and plus-sized individuals. Jocelyn Cubales’s participation further reflects the evolving landscape of beauty pageants, emphasizing that beauty knows no age.

As coronation night approaches, all eyes are on Jocelyn Cubales as she shatters age-related barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the Miss Universe Philippines-Quezon City stage.

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