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Stylish Mommas: Fashion Inspiration From Influencer Moms Anna Cay And Kryz Uy


Stylish Mommas: Fashion Inspiration From Influencer Moms Anna Cay And Kryz Uy


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Being a mother is really a big responsibility. Despite this, these Filipina influencers still showed how they still make time to dress up even though they are already moms.

If you’re also a mom and thinking of what outfits you should wear that will still be comfortable with your children, here are some outfit inspirations from mother vloggers Anna Cay and Kryz Uy.

1. All-white fits

Of course, first, on the list are the all-white outfits, because who can go wrong with wearing such a staple color?

To slay this color for your fit, Anna Cay and Kryz Uy have different ways to get this style.

For Anna, she paired her white top with white pants and shoes, which gave her a younger look even though she is a mother.

For Kryz, she showed how white is perfect for summer while flaunting the baby bump!

You can pair your white bathing suit with a thin skirt and long cardigan, just like the influencer did.

2. Neutral colors

Perfect for mothers who are always on the go, these influencers also have fashion inspiration for neutral colors!

Anna paired her white tank top with some jeans to be more comfortable while she spend time with her baby. This is also perfect during the summer season because it is sleeveless.

If you want that lazy but still pretty look, then you should have this style by Kryz.

This might be a lazy fit, but it will still be comfortable, especially for mothers, because the square pants and tank top will give off a refreshing feeling.

3. Coordinates

Don’t have time to think about outfits whenever you go out with family? Coordinates are the key!

Just like Anna and Kryz, they typically pack these coordinates whenever they have a trip with their children.

This will save them time to decide what top and bottom to pair and still be fashionable.

4. Flowy dress

This summer season, having that “presko” feeling will always be the top priority when choosing an outfit because of the hot weather.

To still look fashionable, Anna and Kryz wore flowy dresses, which are perfect for family days when you are also not in the mood to have those jeans that give you a sticky feeling in the humid season.

These fits can also be perfect for lactating mothers so they can easily breastfeed their babies immediately.

5. Midi skirts

As far as summer is concerned, midi skirts are always on the list! Perfect for days when you and your family visit the beach, these skirts will give you a comfortable space to move while playing with your children.

Just like Anna and Kryz, you can pair your midi skirt with tank tops or any crop top to beat the heat.

Even though a woman enters motherhood, self-care should still be considered. It may be stressful and overwhelming, but remember, taking care of others will start with yourself.

Treating yourself to these nice outfits whenever you go with your babies or family is one step toward self-care! Remember, you can still be fashionable and a responsible mother at the same time.

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