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Yamaha Exclusively Presents YRide Season 4

Yamaha Exclusively Presents YRide Season 4

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Yamaha Motor Philippines continues to provide an avenue for original brand content to viewers with its digital program, YRIDE.

Now on its fourth season, YRide started in 2018 hosted by Zach Lucero. The program featured everything about the brand from its product launches, riding activities, international races, and in-depth features about its motorcycles.

In the first two seasons, the show was aired on Yamaha Facebook page and moved to YouTube on season three as it withstood the challenges of the pandemic.

This season, YRide emphasizes that it is beyond that of a motorcycle program. It is, for all intents and purposes, a lifestyle show.

Driven by personal passions and complemented by product function.  It is shifting to a younger audience and will feature personalities whose lifestyles are recognized by GEN Z.

The Mio Fazzio stands as YRide’s supporting piece. With the targeted audience currently engaged in their era of self-discovery, they are all about showing the world who they are.

And we’ve positioned the Mio Fazzio as an icon of unique expression, embodying Yamaha’s desire to present the opportunity to ride in style and on trend.

YRide Season 4 features Janeena Chan, Agassi Ching, Sharlene San Pedro, Ranz and Niana, whose personalities are like this generation of stylistic, unabashed, and inclusive individuals.

YRide will be streamed live every Friday,6PM, on the Yamaha Philippines Youtube Channel.

Episode Schedule:

April 28 Episode 1 – Janeena Chan

May 12 Episode 2 – Agassi Ching

May 26 Episode 3 – Sharlene San Pedro

June 9 Episode 4 – Ranz Niana

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