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Barbershop & Salon In Talisay City Negros Occ

Barbershop & Salon In Talisay City Negros Occ

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After blogging and featuring different barbershop and salon in the country. I finally opened my 1st Barbershop and Salon called JB Barbers & Salon. I used to have shave and haircut every week. Because Im bald and I always wanted to look good and feel clean.

At my 20s I suffer from hair loss up to now I’m 39. I got heavy dandruff, so a hair free is a must every week. One of my struggles in Talisay City and Bacolod Mall based barbershop are the parking.

I’m 110kgs now after severe covid side effects gaining more than 30kgs is quite hard. I was having a hard time controlling my appetite, although I’m active in biking, golf and basketball.

So walking to mall parking lot back and fort is quite a struggle for me.  Also Talisay City Barbershops parking for Motor and Car is quite far and challenging.

So I find my spot is Abing Building Pueblo2 San Antonio Talisay Parking for Barbershop spot as a Haven. Coz my main goal every weekend is just shave and skinhead haircut.

So having my motorcycle, bike or car service at my vision beside my barber chair is quite peaceful and relaxing.

Visit my place from Nov 1, 2023 onwards and enjoy the haircut, foot spa, hair color, rebond, manicure and pedicure. We will add later other services such as microblading and others.

I a have barber and beautician with more than 5 and 10 years of experience doing haircut, nails and hair styling.