Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bloggers Promoting Businesses via Social Media & Online TV Show

Bloggers Promoting Businesses via Social Media & Online TV Show

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Yesterday, we promoted several businesses and the things that we do for the past couple of 7 months Covid Pandemic period. Also we did told our viewers via Birada TV Worldwide new studio in Aguirre St., Makati City.  That no matter what will happen in the next couple of months the business will still go on.

We mean survival of the fittest that can easily adapt to this pandemic change. As you can see on the video above. That blogging and social media was evolving, we discussed several collaborations not only in Philippines but also with Sweden, Europe, US and Asia.

Our market of doing business is can be reach by anybody who has a cellphone and internet. I mean you can sell t-shirts, food and web services to anybody. I saw some musicians doing online class and teachers teaching online. Even car and SUV owners picking up and delivering goods as well as passengers in order to survive.

In the comfort of your own home you do a lot of things to make money. By providing your services or just simply selling a product. And not risking of going outside because of the new normal technology.

Technology that you can use to your own advantage and earn money from it. Yesterday we did see that fellow bloggers are promoting their services, artist showcasing her talents in singing.

So watch our stream every Friday from 10am to 12 noon with Ross and John. To all the business out there just keep on pushing and hustling everyday. A lot of businesses did closed down. But Still, there’s a lot of business out there whose generating a lot of revenues.

Happy Bday to Marlyn Gumabon the organizer of the online Birada TV Shows and Ross Del Rosario. So if you wanna promote your business via blogs and online TV shows just reach us.