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Cocktail Hour with Mernels

Cocktail Hour with Mernels

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Merle Mendoza Balicao CEO

Merle started Mer-Nel’s Cake House and Variety Shop in 1996. Mer-Nel is a combination of her name and that of supportive husband, Nelson.

With the lofty objective to make Mer-Nel’s known nationwide and to become part of every Filipino occasion and celebration, Merle focused on her mission to provide fine customer service with consistency and affordability and put emphasis on offering high quality and delicious products while providing more job opportunities as their business continues to grow.

She’s also focused on their CSR, helping the indigents and poor even during this Pandemic, sharing their blessings and coordinating with different NGOs for their projects by providing sacks of rice, cakes and financial support.

A multi awarded businesswoman who received the SME Company of the Year award at Asia Leaders Awards 2020, among other accolades from their community.

Filipinas are known for being fierce and with characteristics of not giving up. Some of the reasons why most excel also globally.

Join her on May 19, 2021 at Asia Leaders Awards 3rd Show “Cocktail Hour” from 6PM to 7PM at Asia Leaders Awards Facebook Page with Grace Bondad Nicolas.