Thursday, September 28, 2023

Dealing with LTO Car and Motorcycle Renewals


Dealing with LTO Car and Motorcycle Renewals

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I just had my motorcycle scooter emission testing done in Bacolod yesterday. Then have somebody do the registration renewal for me for 3k in total. LTO gives me a lot of headaches back then.

From licensing and renewals of my drivers license. Also paying a texting while driving fine in edsa crossing, which can be solve if I just give the enforcer 200-500 tip or bribe. In short I payed almost 1k then spend the entire day in Mandaluyong LTO back then.

The question is Am I bending the rules or just go with the current flow or lets say system we can’t beat? Where everybody wants to make money and save more time.

It is really time consuming going back and fort to LTO office is a headache. Made me realize the post of Jackie of doing your best so you wont fall in line. I didn’t fall in line coz I have somebody do it for me.

Same with my 1st car Galant Sedan before I used to pay 5k to my auto dealer. To do the renewals for me, coz if I do it myself it will eat my entire day or two.