Thursday, June 1, 2023

Happy 60th Bday Mini


Happy 60th Bday Mini

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Mini did celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. So last Sunday, October 19, 2019 they did prepare a great celebration to commemorate the landmark of this occasion at Eastwood Citywalk and Eastwood Megatent huge parking and race exhibit lot.

At 7am Mini did a MINI 60 formation at Megatent together with different Mini owners and enthusiasts. And then they did Unveil the 60th years of Mini special edition car by 2pm. Together with the 1st family to owned this iconic latest model. Cheers!

This is my first time to see how mini owners feel special about the car. On video below they show how it is like a family fun car. Narrates how a big guy would fit into small car is really something unique. The other one is just an instant window shopping ordered by a lady owner.

Also saw taller and bigger people in UK Mini fair fit into a mini car about 6,3″ tall. Traffic is anywhere, and you just need to accept and have fun with it, even in UK busiest streets. Having a mini would also be a Manila traffic buster because of its size and stylish maneuver capability.

To feel the British luxury, they also gave an all expense trip to MINI UK Oxford plant for every purchase of mini promo. So From Mr Bean to The Italian Job Hollywood movies. They did a magic card show as well to feel the beat of Bean and the rest of Italian gang UK-Italy Mini classic car chase scenes.

See the British Super Power invasion of the coolest mini designer model editions. Fun and stylish on the spirits of the streets. Celebrating Legacy ย Happy 60th Bday Mini! So if you have spare money sitting in the bank go test drive and get a mini to feel the British super stylish awesomeness power.