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How to make your home Halloween-ready

How to make your home Halloween-ready

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Nowadays, people give Halloween the attention it deserves.

For the young and adventurous, they embrace this spooky time of the year with pumpkins, ghost and monster cardboard cutouts, and scary costumes and movies.

Of course, the more traditional ones keep the true essence of the season here in the Philippines. They find time to remember the departed loved ones as they light candles and whisper prayers from the heart.

Whether you’re leaning towards celebrating Halloween with parties or prefer a solemn one, Lumina Homes is a community that provides a space for everyone. 

Here are ways how you can make your Lumina Home Halloween-ready.

To bring out the spooky side

Hang orange decors

Why not hit two birds with one stone? For Halloween, hang dark (almost black) and orange decors and stick on it chilling photos of zombies, ghosts, or whatever gives your goosebumps! 

Once the celebrations are down, unstick the scary pictures and add more Christmas-themed decorations! Now you’re two steps ahead in your decor game.

Add spooky cutouts

Do you have spare black, white, or orange cartolina, papers, or newspapers? Time to bring out the scissors and get crafty without breaking the bank. 

Draw patterns of spider webs, skeletons, skulls, bats, or even spiders. Carefully cut them and hang them on the wall, front door, or wherever your heart desires! Although simple, this decor surely brings the family together while bringing out each one’s creativity.

Make faux graveyards

A level up from cutouts you can hang on the wall is faux graveyards! Recycle big, old boxes or plywood, and cut them to the shape of a graveyard.

Nail them on wood and paint them with black and gray paint. Before planting them on your lawn, scribble on them the names of famous scary characters!

Level up with spine-chilling window Halloween decor

Perhaps you don’t have time to set up, but you want to join in the fun! Use old lipstick or removable red paint to scribble scary lines on the window! You can also use projectors to show scary images of ghosts, zombies, or your favorite villain.


To bring out the solemn season

Line up departed loved ones’ best photos

Beyond the spooky celebrations, the essence of the season is to remember our departed loved ones. To do so, you may line up their photos, similar to how they do it in Central and South American countries, as seen in the Disney film Coco. To make it more memorable, add flowers and tea or fairy lights.

Set up a comfortable prayer spot

As a predominantly Catholic country, prayer forms part of any celebration, including All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day.

To honor this day, set up a prayer spot where members of the family can gather to say a prayer. It could be near your indoor altar or the grotto in your front or backyard. You may arrange chairs, blankets, and pillows where you can comfortably sit. 

With more relaxed restrictions, many families can now go out and visit their loved ones to be together on this special occasion.

Kids, too, can dress up, go out, and do trick or treating! As an ideal home for all, Lumina’s Property Management Group of Lumina sites have arranged Halloween parades within their communities!

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