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Karen Davila Becomes The First Filipino For UN Women Asia Pacific Goodwill Ambassador


Karen Davila Becomes The First Filipino For UN Women Asia Pacific Goodwill Ambassador


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Highlighting her excellence when it comes to delivering news and supporting Filipinos, veteran journalist Karen Davila was named the first Filipino to be part of the United Nations’ Women Asia Pacific Goodwill Ambassador.

On September 22, one of the UN’s regional directors, Alia El-Yassir, announced through her Twitter account that Karen Davila is the new Goodwill Ambassador for the Philippines.

“Looking forward to working together to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment,” El-Yassir said.

Goodwill ambassadors are individuals who are known for their field, such as art, music, film, sports, and more, which helps to educate children and other individuals in the community.

With this recognition, Karen expressed her gratitude to the United Nations for acknowledging her efforts for society, giving her the prestigious recognition that is known to be given to notable personalities such as Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson.

“Yesterday, I was officially welcomed by UN Women Asia Pacific Regional Director Alia El-Yassir as the first UN Women Philippines Goodwill Ambassador serving the country and the region. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but was so surprised by how warm and welcoming everybody was at the UN Women Asia Pacific office,” Karen said.

According to the Filipino journalist, they immediately engaged in a series of meetings to benefit the Filipino community, tackling issues such as climate change, violence against women, and gender equality.

“Many of the issues felt familiar, as I have done stories and advocated for women’s and girls’ rights in my 30 years in broadcasting. I always say the best investment one can make to lift a family out of poverty is educating a girl and empowering a mother,” she said.

With this, she vowed to do her best to push through projects to provide help in society, especially in the everyday lives of women and girls who commonly experience violence.

Karen Davila is an award-winning Filipino broadcast journalist who has been in the industry for more than 20 years. She was known for her outstanding presence on different platforms, such as radio, television, and the digital space.

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