Monday, April 15, 2024

KMV Asia in Laguna for the Indigent Children

KMV Asia in Laguna for the Indigent Children

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Just recently, KMV Asia headed by CEO Architect Kaydee Marie Velasco supported the feeding program at Imok, Calauan, Laguna with the distribution of rice porridge and juice to the indigent children and parents in one of the Barangays. One of the advocacy of Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco is to help the children in need.

She’s very involved in different NGOs to make sure that her company also can help more especially during this global health crisis.Because of her so many initiatives and a trailblazer in real estate even at a young age, she receives multiple awards from different organisations. One from Asia Leaders Awards which highlights her achievements in sustainable green architecture.

Architect Kaydee Velasco is a young thought leader on sustainability in real estate and development. Under the group is KMVAsia, specialists on pocket developments in the Metro.

She specializes in creating thoughtful, strategic, and expert solutions for a multitude of urban industries including construction, architecture, and design – creating a diverse, learned assessment on real estate.

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