Thursday, September 28, 2023

Motor Accident Learning


Motor Accident Learning

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I just had a motorcyle accident 4 days ago in Chocolate Hills Bohol. Because I didn’t do defensive driving. Im a gaulible guy that when somebody say Hi and Hello or wave I replied back even when driving.

Should not be, because I should be focusing on my steering wheel and my own defensive driving thing. Thats what happened in a slope side of Bohol Chocolate Hills zigzag road. I suddenly accilerated and overthrew myself on the shoulder of the road.

I should use a reliable helmet and proper gears. My helmet lock goes pop away somewhere and my elbow save my head from cracking and my watch saved my wrist from damage.

I have bruises everywhere from 2 knee, toes, both elbows hand and all over my body. It should not happen if I used a full reliable helmet and proper jacket, elbow and knee guard.

After math, we only have 1 life. Although im running 50-60 kmh its still slow, but it was slippery and I did sudden break because I might fall in the cliff to occur heavy more damage even death. So the scooter throw me away on the stony ground.

Thank God for the 3rd life, to riders out there avoid riding when its raining, if tired or exhaused take a rest. Dont drink and drive and always use full motorcycle gears it will surely save your life.

Don’t drive to please the public, drive because you feel fullfill about it. And dont wave or say hi to somebody when they are waving or cheering at you. Always remember defensive driving safety first. So that what happen to me it will not happen to you.

It was part of my bucket list to drive anywhere in the Philippines provinces loop, motoring events, cross country in Asia, Europe and US route 66.

Even like watching f1 in Singapore renting a sport car in Vegas then driving it to MotoGP Sepang or Mexico to feel f1 and MotoGP drive season. I guess because of this accident, I might change the bucket list plan.

Thank you to Roonie, Vibar, David and Friends, Dr’s and Nurses who was there for me. For making me feel more than just family and friends in good and bad times unlikely accident like this.

Supposed to be a helicopter tour next day and another adventure later night. But it was ruined by a freaking accident. Also always ask or add insurance to the bike or car if renting, else you’ll the paying the entire damage just like I did.