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Must-Try Indoor Activities Around The Metro During Rainy Days


Must-Try Indoor Activities Around The Metro During Rainy Days


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During the past few days, extreme rain has been pouring all over the country, especially in Metro Manila. Following this, the government also declared that the rainy season officially starts, so Filipinos should always bring umbrellas outside.

The rainy season can cause delays in many events or just on your mini-vacation with your friends and loved ones.

But don’t worry because indoor activities are now growing in the market to give you fun activities even when the rain is pouring!

To give you some options for when your next gala will be, here are some of the indoor activities around Metro Manila.

1. The Attack Arena

In for something challenging? Then Attack Arena will be the perfect place to go!

Located in a mall in Quezon City, Attack Arena is a recreational place that offers different social interaction activities such as archery and other weapon ranges.

The prices of their offered activities range from Php 200 to Php 700, depending on what activities you choose and how long you want them for.

All ages are allowed to have their own experience with the Attack Arena; just make sure that if you’re a minor, you will have parental guidance during the activity.

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

2. Bakebe PH

Named the first baking studio in Manila, the co-baking space by Bakebe PH is perfect for people who love sweets and pastries.

From young to young at heart, you will be welcome to this baking space!

When you come to their branch, individuals can choose which cakes or pastries they want to bake; it may be cupcakes or even a cake.

Experiencing this on-hand baking, customers will really experience how to bake and design their work on their own.

The Bakebe PH offers different varieties with an allotted price depending on your choice. But they offer discounts if you download their mobile app.

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

3. Pat’s Putts Indoor Mini Golf

Want to play golf but the outside courses are wet because of rain? Well, you can now play golf even in this kind of season!

Pat’s Putts offers different mini golf courses that are exciting to try, especially since their ambiance gives you that aesthetic vibe!

Aside from their mini golf courses, customers can also have fun with their board games, and they offer food when taking a break during games.

You can also privately rent Pat’s Putts during special occasions when they will close the entire place just for you and your loved ones to have fun!

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

4. Left Behind

Are you a fan of solving mysteries? Then this thrilling activity in Quezon City and Makati is for you!

Left Behind is an indoor activity that offers escape room activities with three to four scenarios, depending on the branch that you go to.

In a span of 45 minutes, you will be tasked with solving the mysteries of your chosen scenario to get out of the room. This activity requires a minimum of two players and is not strict with online booking.

Considering that this is an escape room activity, Left Behind prohibits taking photos or videos inside the activity itself; hence, they offer exclusive photos of the customers upon finishing the challenge.

To know more, you may visit their website.

5. Art in Island

If you just want to have a chill day out during the rainy season, then visiting a museum will be perfect for you.

But not just any kind of museum, Art in Island offers three-dimensional artworks and mesmerizing light parades for its customers.

With its three-dimensional artworks, individuals can have those illusion-like photos wherein they look like they are within the art piece itself.

For the light parade, Art on Island offers different themes for the customers to have variety whenever they visit the museum.

From young to old, it will be a really exciting experience when you visit this museum, as you can find peace in appreciating the artworks.

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

6. LazerMaxx

Perfect for barkadas, LazerMaxx is a recreational activity that makes the players experience a real-life laser combat game.

Unlike the previously stated combat game, this activity will lend the players a laser gun that is connected to the vest that will be given to the customers.

This will not only give fun to a group of friends but will also test their teamwork and cooperation with each other to win the game.

LazerMaxx has a branch in Greenhills that is open from Mondays to Sundays and is available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. depending on the chosen day.

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

7. Gootopia

Do you want to heal your inner child and play with slime? Then, Gootopia is the key!

Not only perfect for kids but also for adults, Gootopia offers an interactive activity focusing on a known toy, slimes.

This fun and exciting activity will let you build your own slime, be splashed with slime, and do many more activities that will surely bring you back to your childhood.

Gootopia offers different promos for their customers, ranging from Php 499 to Php 799. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get slimed!

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

8. EKartraceway

Are you a fan of driving cars or even karts? EKartraceway might be your next hobby!

Offering an indoor kart race track, EKartraceway is the first-ever all-electric indoor go-kart track in the country.

The activity offers a variety of karts depending on your choice; hence, they advise minors to stick with the smallest kart for safety.

Noting that this is a kart course, they also launched competitions for their regular customers, wherein they were recognized based on their time records in completing the track.

If you’re thinking about your safety, no worries because EKartraceway offers helmets when you visit their venue.

The EKartraceway can be found in SM North Edsa, and the price will depend on how many minutes you avail.

To know more, you may visit their Facebook page.

9. Sip and Gogh

Last but not least, there is a place made for art and wine lovers: Sip and Gogh!

If you want to explore yourself through art, then this activity is for you because it offers different painting canvasses, along with your choice of beverages.

Sip and Gogh was known to be a painting center in the country that offers a place where you can do art while having wine or other refreshing drinks.

When visiting the venue, you are only required to bring yourself and your wide imagination because Sip and Gogh will already provide the art materials for you.

Before going, they require customers to register online to reserve their slots. With this, they can manage the individuals in their venue to maintain the peace inside.

To know more, you may visit their website.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to have that fun and exciting activity with your friends and loved ones during the rainy season! Collect fun memories and make new discoveries despite being indoors.

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