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NBA Finals Boston Vs Golden State Betting Odds

NBA Finals Boston Vs Golden State Betting Odds

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I used to do sports betting occasionally on every significant Championship on earth like the f1, World Cup, Superbowl, Main event Boxing and UFC. Upon writing this blog, we are currently on game 2 between Golden State and Boston. As of game 1, I did bet to the underdog Boston with +3 points via

Although, I like Golden State a lot, I’m still a fan of Larry Bird. And I feel bad for the loss of Jimmy Butler and Luka Doncic. So probably in Game 3 and 4, I will bet for Golden State. As a sports Bandwagoner fan, I’m just enjoying the ride. I even did a small bet to Nonito Donaire boxing match on Tuesday with 4.5 odds.


I don’t usually do this coz I don’t need validation in life. Most of my investment are different and with online coins. Coz its hot in the eyes and I’m not a fan of bling bling. But the NBA and James Bong Lifestyle action is always on. This is my 1st time to invest in real gold. So the Goldfinger James Bond and World Champion Lifestyle must go on. #gauld #goldfinger #worldchampion #ring

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MSW has an ongoing promo that you may win of up to 2million pesos for at least 500 bet.  Hopefully, Okbet and MSW will include poker at their stake sometime.  At least we all get covered in the world’s major sporting events. So we can have all the eyes, ears, and minds of the greatest sporting games happening on earth.

I predicted to be Boston win on Game2, Golden State on Game3, Golden State on Game4, Boston in Game 5, Golden State in Game6, and Boston in The Grand Finals at Game7. So who do you think will win the NBA 2022 finals?

I wish to witness these glorious main events sometime but for now, you can still be a part of it. At the comfort of your home and fingertips if you can’t go to TD Garden or Chase Center Stadium to see the live NBA finals exciting actions. See these video on how to register and enjoy your favorite sports team bet. You can use my referral code: jbiadog007 via registration.

This also one of the reasons why I bought a gold ring. To feel the world champion feeling inside my soul.  If you wanted some NBA souvenir items and cool scents you can put in your car, room or office workstation you may contact 0927 989 6797 or email


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