Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pink Armi eScooter Test Drive


Pink Armi eScooter Test Drive

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eScooter is one of the most popular form of transportation came up, during this pandemic period. You can use this for fun, courier, even a service or a mode of transportation in going to work.

I saw a lot of people using this in the metro. So see how Pink Armi a model did test drive this easily. Also the happy kid did vlog the Zkutrhub visit in Baliwag, Bulacan.

Inside the shop you will see the graffiti and a lot of escooter brands. Together with the team like Popoy the Magician troop and videographer. The scooter looks like a regular car key.

Aside from eScooter they also sells extra gear items for safety. You may also visit the place which is ready available for you to test drive. Armi did try the top of the line scooter which runs for 40-65km/h.

You may see the street video on top of her helmet. Also did tried different escooter models with mask and electric faceshield that she endorsed.

They also tried the bikes and different escooter. Did a Lifestyle ride like that they hop it like a skateboard. The Electric model has a maximum speed range of 80km/h with a shock in front and back to resist lubak or offroad.

The front and rear light looks so futuristic for your safety. It glows in the dark as they drove it at night smoothly. This is another way to escape stress out of this covid.

Life can be so exciting with this adventure gadgets to enjoy all day night long. Suddenly you may forgot that there’s a pandemic while riding these cool gears. So visit the shop in Baliwag and do the test drive.