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Should You Set Up A Smart Home?

Should You Set Up A Smart Home?

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A smart home is now a popular prospect for homeowners. With just one simple command, you can control your appliances, schedule your chores, and supervise the security of your home remotely. It’s simple, convenient, and easy to use, that’s why it’s so appealing nowadays.

However, setting up a smart home isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can be a bit complicated to set it up, especially for novices. Having a lot of options with your control hub and appliances also doesn’t help with making a smart home set up easy.

With all these considerations, should you set up a smart home system? Here are important things to factor in before finally buying one. 

Do you have a stable internet connection?

One of the most important things for a smart home system is a fast and stable internet connection. As you wirelessly connect your smart appliances to a central smart hub, avoiding any dead zones and sudden jumps in connection is necessary. 

How much internet do you need: At least 20Mbps is okay. However, if you’re setting up multiple smart home devices, going with a faster broadband plan may be better.

Is it Alexa, Assistant, or Siri?

To control your smart home, having a voice assistant is essential. You have three major choices: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. Each one offers its pros and cons, and what works best for other homes may not be the best for your household. There are other voice assistants that support a smart home but their support is rather limited.

What is the best voice assistant for you: It depends. However, if most of your gadgets at home are from Apple, then go with Siri. If it runs on Android, then choose Google Assistant.

Which smart appliances do you need?

Of course, making all of your smart appliances is the best way to go. However, these smart home appliances aren’t cheap. Start with only a few appliances, then build your smart home as you go along. But if you have to budget to buy them all, then go all out!

Which smart appliances to start with: A smart bulb, refrigerator, gate and front door locks, as well as a washing machine and dryer are great smart home starters. This doesn’t make your life easier but also lowers your electricity bill.

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