Friday, March 1, 2024

Suez Canal Blockage Drama


Suez Canal Blockage Drama

How do you feel about this story?


Suez Canal blockage for me is like a modern day of Piracy. I mean a certain tug boat or a group of builders and digging crane contractors can clear it in an hour.

If you can see and analyze the top view via google earth or zoom app search. The problem is so simple like a regular car accident. Get a police, media or traffic enforcer and then tow truck to resolve the accident issue in less than an hour.

Or couple of minutes, the traffic problem will be resolved right away. Whats the point evergreen? Is the problem is really so simple, why are you just acting up? Or doing some random modern piracy or black mail negotiation.

Rerouting the ships at your back to alternate long route may cause a lot of time and expense. And can even destroy perishable goods.

In pandemic crisis like this, Its really bad to see businesses and government officials are taking advantage of each other. Making crisis delay for the sake of profit and personal gains. If you can read between the lines!

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