Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Thoughts on current Russian Mutiny

Thoughts on current Russian Mutiny

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Just like every war, there is mutiny or in favor of the opposition. The current situation in Russia with around 25k belong to the Wagner Group out of 1.15m Russian soldiers. In my opinion is not the real numbers.

Nobody were going to March or surrender the entire Army Camp without the invisible power or supporter of some Russian political or military groups. Without a single shot to one of the strongest military HQ.

Just like in the Edsa revolution and Magdalo mutiny happened couple of decades and years ago in the Phillippines. Some became successfully overthrown the President, some are not.

My thoughts on every soldier who is going to invade of kill poor people in other country is just like what the great boxer Ali said. Who was sent to jail and removed his boxing belt world title.

Because he refused to kill poor people from other country was very humane.  I hope that every people who holds power remember what Ali’s men of power use his power, personal sacrifices and influence to protect the majority.